About Us


We intend to become a trade association that promotes agricultural development nationwide by upgrading competitiveness.



Our mission is to defend the interests of the agro-export chain as a source generating job, wealth and foreign currencies in favor of the country and, to promote the best legal framework for agricultural production, marketing, export and, at large, for the agricultural modernization.

Strategic Goals

Promote and boost production and agro-export under an inclusive and solid legal framework, thus contributing to improve competitiveness within the sector.
Represent the national agricultural sector before any national and foreign, public and private institutions.
Promote consensus among other institutions regarding agricultural policy, by encouraging creation of trade associations and agro-export companies.
Support Peruvian international business negotiations with the aim of expanding our markets, without affecting national producers in the domestic market.
Defend the country’s agricultural and ecological heritage.
Encourage social responsibility programs among agricultural companies.
Contribute to the creation and dissemination of Peru’s image as a major provider of high quality agricultural products.
Participate in several international fairs and events in order to promote marketing of the agro-export supply from producing companies.
Foster agreements with trade associations of agricultural producers worldwide, so as to allow higher exchange of knowledge and institutional experiences.
Support phytosanitary negotiations of SENASA before the sanitary authorities of the signatory countries of the trade agreements with Peru.

Code of conduct

Production, processing and commercialization of horticultural and agricultural products in general must be in accordance with and enforce current laws.
Harmonization of legitimate business and productive interest seeks to contribute a decent life and the sustainable development in the society based on the full respect for human rights.
Harmonization of legitimate business and productive interest seeks to contribute a decent life and the sustainable development in the society based on the full respect for human rights.
The generation of decent work, occupational health and safety are core components in the conduction of all our activities.
Our activity must be characterized by the respect and the valuation of the human being, its privacy, individuality and dignity, as well as the utter rejection of activities led by prejudices based on origin, ethnic group, creed, social class, sector and any other way of discrimination.
Efficient use of resources and respect for the environment are pillars for a healthy and sustainable development that we strive to achieve.
Value creation for partners, workers, clients and the society at large falls within the market economy and free competition
The pursuit of business goals is accomplished taking into account the respect for the rule of law and the principles of equity, veracity and transparency rejecting any act of corruption.

Board of Directors

Position Full name
President Ricardo Polis Labarthe
Vice-President Ulises Quevedo Berastaín
Secretary Lionel Arce Orbegozo
Treasurer Paul Barclay Rey de Castro
Members Rodolfo Pacheco
Francesca Carnesella Figuerola
Alberto Irazola Tonsmann
Francisco Javier de los Ríos Baertl
Alfonso Rizo-Patrón Ruiz de Somocurcio
Renzo Carlini Chiappe
Alejandro Fuentes León
Daniel Bustamante Canny
José Antonio Castro Echecopar
Former President Carlos Enrique Camet Piccone
Executive Director Gabriel Amaro Alzamora
Consejo Directivo - Agap (Periodo 2016-2018)

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